Can't sleep?, then this guide could be for you

Can't Sleep? This could well be the guide for you
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A problem many of my new clients seem to share is how to get a good nights sleep. In the fast and furious world we live in it's hardly surprising that this is such a common problem and one I suffer from myself on occasion, especially I think when under stress and my mind is overly active. There are a couple of supplements I am going to mention but before that take a look at an article I wrote a while back which has a few suggestions see
I don’t think there is a one size fits all quick fix as really I think it’s about stress management and we all react differently to different stresses. So I am going to offer a few suggestions based around things that I have found helpful not only for myself but with some of my clients and friends.
Here is an article from New York Times best selling author Tim Ferris whose opinion I value, in his book the 4 hour body he has a section all about sleep. Now Tim is not a scientist but he is a meticulous number cruncher with access to many of the worlds top athletes and friends in the scientific community which he quotes for many of his findings. It’s an interesting article with a number of things you could try see
I’m interested in trying number 8 the Philips Go light and a friend of mine swears by number 9 cold bath / shower and I’m interested in exploring number 10 as well the Night wave.
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On top of that heres a few suggestions I thought I would mention anyway. Some of these won’t work together but I guess there will be some trial and error.
1. Exercise being number one for better sleep but not exercising to late.
2. Chamomile tea
3. Turn off all electrical appliances around you in the bedroom when you wanna sleep.
4. Especially TV so no late night TV just before you sleep, apparently it activates your brain so tougher to switch off
5. One of my clients swears by listening to delta waves just as she goes to sleep see
6. Candlelit hot bath before bed
7. Read a book, less activity caused than your computer
8. Meditation, there are many and varied.
Lastly supplements, there are a couple of supplements that claim to help with sleep and muscle repair and recovery after working out. Some have more scientific studies behind them than others and I hate to quote 'Bro science’ straight out of the gym so instead will mention some my friends and clients recommend positive results with.
Glutamine is an amino acid that I have had success with helping reduce muscle soreness and repair, one of my clients swears by it late at night for a better nights sleep. I use one from Amazon see Not to be taken as the same time as protein so have with a glass of water at bedtime or even an hour before.
ZMA Zinc, Magnesium, Asparate B6 Another muscle recovery supplement but one girl I train who competes in figure competitions swears by this as the best sleep aid.
So there you have it, a few useful tips that just might help you have a better nights sleep. 
Until next time, train hard, train smart, eat clean to get lean.