30, 60 and 90 Day Total Transformation

"Body Possible Fitness"

30 days Body Possible Fitness

30 day - We like to think of this as 'The Reset'. We offer the total 30 Day Mind, Body and Spirit transformation package. 30 days, 30 workouts, 30 times the fun. We meet so many people who are successful in their lives, great job, beautiful families, financial stability, but somehow have not managed to channel that same success into themselves and their bodies.

The 30 day complete transformation is for those who really want to jump start their training regime or who need extreme focus for either a personal or professional goal. Every one's transformation is different, perhaps you ant to lose weight? In reality body fat, or perhaps you want to learn a skill like boxing or martial arts. Maybe you want to gain weight, or confidence or perhaps just learn some healthy habits that will serve you well for the rest of your life. Whatever your transformation is after an initial consultation we build a personalized custom built 30 workout program designed specifically for you.

This is an inclusive mind, body and spirit transformation. Incorporating all aspects of the Body Possible System. 

60 day body possible fitness

60 Day - 30 days in you now have established good eating and training habits that you will want to reinforce and are well on the way to achieving your goals. With the foundation in place you are now ready for the next phase.

Push it to the next level with a combination of resistance work, high intensity interval training (the best fat burner known to man), boxing, martial arts, cardio, stretching and a good helping of the ultimate abb exercise laughter, the medicine of the soul. 

90 day Body Possible Fitness

90 Days - Is a long enough period of time to see major transformation. There is a theory that it takes 21 days to make but more importantly to break a habit.

So expanding on this idea 30 days to a better you, 60 days to be working some advanced protocols, 90 days to become your inner athlete including advice on good life style habits and nutrition even motivational mantra's and meditations which will serve you well for a life time of fitness and beyond.

Whether you decide to take the 30, 60 or 90 day option this is your fast track to success.