Personal training client Doris

In this City of Angels, JC is a true angel. He comes and hovers next to me a few times a week and magically makes me better: stronger, healthier, and more wholesome. That is, if you can call an hour of running, hitting, twisting, lifting, telling jokes, and making deals ("60 seconds plank or a burpee for each second you're short") hovering... His holistic training approach grows out of his rich and extensive knowledge, life experience, kindness, sense of humor, and *genuine care*. For example, I had issues with sleep and he sent me a long email full of useful tips on how to deal with this.  Workouts are intense yet so much fun.  He's always mixing things up, showing me new pieces of equipment and new tricks on the racquetball court. And he's *funny*.  Which can be painful when my abs are already dying. I look forward to training with him for a long time to come.