Frequently asked questions at Body Possible

Q: How does the 30, 60 or 90 day body transformations differ from booking say 30 sessions for 30 days

A: The training sessions for personal training are 60 minutes, in the transformation packages the sessions are 90 minutes giving us more time to cover areas like diet and nutrition, biomechanics, form and technique etc in greater depth. I also like to include various other experts in this package and explore other areas like yoga, reiki and meditation to name just a few, details at first consultation.

Q: Why a transformation, how will the time be spent

A: Given a full 30 days I can plan an exact program with each session complimenting the last perfectly. After 30 days you will have not only mastered new skills and learned new approaches but perhaps adopted some new healthy habits. With 60 days you will now be at a level of fitness where we can start doing some really advanced fun stuff no matter where your starting point was. We will have more time to explore and discuss exactly what makes YOUR BODY tick because we all react differently to different stresses. With 90 days it's a long enough period to have seen some major transformation. Be it weight loss, and lets be honest when we say weight loss we mean fat loss. Muscle gain or mastering a new skill like boxing or martial arts after 90 days you will be very happy with your transformation. Experts say it takes 21 days to make or break a habit, I believe after 30, 60 or 90 days you will have learned some skills and adopted some healthy life style habits that will serve you well for the rest of your life.

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Q: My schedule is too busy to find 30 days straight let alone more?

A; The transformation can be spread out over any period of time you choose. In the busy world we all live in of course, work, family and other commitments come up. The training schedule is worked out around you and your convenience. even if your away we can check in by phone, text email and Skype for constant support. 

Q: I saw an ad at the grocery store for personal training sessions for $50 Why shouldn’t I just sign up for these?

A: Not wanting to belittle anyone else but chances are this is someone just starting out with no proven track record of results, you’ll get a novice trainer. I applaud anyone's efforts to get work and further their knowledge. My advice would be you could always give them a shot but you wouldn’t want an inexperienced attorney or doctor, would you? Quality costs more, but it’s worth it. You should go with someone who has a proven track record who can give you measurable results. 

Q: Why not just sign up for training at my current gym? They have trainers there…

A: Many people that come to me have already gone that route in fact nearly everyone at some point. So let’s talk about large chain gyms like Equinox, 24 hour fitness, L.A Fitness, Gold's etc. These gyms only allow trainers that work for them to practice on their floor. That means you purchase the sessions from the gym, the gym pays the trainer. Regardless of how much you pay the gym for the sessions, the trainers on average make about $20-$30 per session depending on the company and the trainer’s experience. Thus, you are getting the attention of a trainer who once again only earns a minimum and is most likely learning their craft. The gym keeps the rest of the fee. It's one thing to get yourself fit and in good shape but it's quite another to train others and get consistent results with every type of body, age, gender etc.

Q: I saw a website that says I can train for 20 or 30 minutes once a week and get in great shape – What’s your opinion on that?

A. I'm sure you have heard the expression, “If it sounds too be good to true, it probably isn’t.” Let me ask you; do you really believe you can get in shape by working out once per week? It’s just not possible. However I have had some incredible results with people using High Intensity Interval Training but as just one of the tools in the box but not the only tool. 

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