It's not magic, but here's 10 tips for fat loss that will make an impact

10 awesome tips for fat loss, it’s not magic, and yes they will give you an edge
This blog isn’t meant to be the ultimate guide to fat loss but here are 10 good healthy habits to work into your daily routine that will help you in the battle to the body you desire. For greater detail please feel free to contact me directly to arrange a consultation Tel 310 279 8117.
1. Eat a high protein and good fats breakfast and don’t forget the fiber, this is often forgotten on high protein diets and is essential for keeping your body happy and healthy.
2. Use compound movements in the gym. These exercise give the most "bang for your buck" and are great for fat loss. Keep isolation movement to a minimum unless you are specifically working on a weak area.
3. Eat 3-5 small meals/snacks per day. Statistically people who have lost weight and kept it off eat 5 times a day, generally 3 meals and 2 snacks.
4. Have protein, a source of smart fats and live food (salad, vegetables etc) with EVERY meal. Every time you sit down to eat think where is the protein, where is the live food and where are the omega 3’s.
5. Use HIIT style  workouts for maximum fat loss, there is still a place for low level cardio as well but HIIT will give you a better short sharp shock and is especially good if you are short on time. The Tabata protocol is one of my favorites and given many of my clients incredible results.
6. Eliminate simple sugars and high GI carbs from your diet. EG. white bread, rice, pasta, ANY cereal (apart from post-workout if you must have it). Instead, eat low GI carbs like sweet potato and quinoa. Your body needs carbs for energy so don’t get locked into the protein only mind set instead learn to distinguish the good from the bad.
7. Drink a minimum of 8 glasses of water per day, I know I keep banging on about this but SO important to keep your body hydrated and your system flush out and running smoothly, even more important on high protein diets.
8. Eat more vegetables and super greens. Sounds obvious I know but are you really aware of how much veg you should be consuming? What I can tell you is probably not enough. I suggest 75% of the contents on your plate should be vegetables or salad. If you think you are not getting enough there really are some excellent green super foods on the market that can up your veggie and all things green intake.
9. Combine resistance training with HIIT for maximum results even if your objective is more athleticism as opposed to muscle gain, ladies lifting a few weights WILL NOT turn you into the incredible hulk.
10. Have a protein shake immediately after your workout. You can even have a high GI source of carbs with this shake to restore the bodies glycogen levels after an intense workout to aid recover and increase fat loss. Earn those carbs!